Patch & Go Peel & Stick Membranes

Karnak 550 Patch-N-Go self-sealing tapes are composed of highly adhesive butyl rubber compounds with either a protective aluminum film, absorbent fleece or double-sided. These tapes were developed to quickly seal surfaces and stop the intrusion of moisture. The aluminum reinforced film tapes are self-protecting making them a true “One-Step” sealant product that’s available in White, Black or Silver. The aluminum film readily accepts solvent or acrylic based coatings and paints. The Fleece tape is ideal for use with metal roofing or single-ply roof applications as a seam and detail waterproofing fabric that bonds firmly to the surface. Double-Sided tape is great for sealing between metal-to-metal surfaces and to bond between seams of single ply roof membranes. Also use in creating seals for abutting and fastening mechanical equipment. Offers a high degree of vibration dampening. May also be molded to shape for custom sealing. The highly adhesive bond of 550 Patch-N-Go stays flexible in a wide range of temperatures for service use in all climates.


  • Seals and waterproofs
  • UV Stable – Can be left exposed (White, Black or Silver only)
  • Bonds to many different roof surfaces and substrates.
  • Easy release backing.
  • Wide service temperature performance range.
  • May be painted over - Bonds to solvent and acrylic based coatings and paints.
  • Self-Healing
  • VOC Free


Karnak 550 Patch-N-Go is designed for sealing seams, flashing curbs and making repairs on metal roof surfaces, single ply roofs and many other building and roof surfaces. Ideal for sealing ductwork, trailers, mobile homes, trucks, gutters and skylights. Also has excellent adhesion for sealing to EPDM, Hypalon, and most PVC and TPO roof surfaces as well as to concrete, gypsum boards, plastic, glass, wood, asphalt, Plexiglas and most other common building materials. Its ease of use allows for quick repair installations. 550 Patch-N-Go Double-Sided is designed for bonding and sealing metal structures as well as offering a degree of vibration dampening. Use to bond seams of single ply roof membranes and in creating seals for abutting and fastening mechanical equipment.


All surfaces to be sealed should be dry, smooth, clean and free from dirt, dust, oxidized carbon dust, loose paint or coatings, oil, grease, rust, or other foreign matter. Clean single ply membrane surfaces with toluene, xylene, acetone or single ply manufacturer’s primer or slice wash. Clean metal with similar solvent or TSP substitute and water. Follow instructions and MSDS safety precautions of primer, wash or solvent manufacturer carefully when using.


After surface has been properly prepared, cut desired length of 550 Patch-N-Go. Remove silicone release liner and position over desired area. Apply the tape directly to the area exactly the first time. Trying to remove may damage the tape and roofing surface. Press down firmly with a cloth pad, finger pressure or roller making sure tape stays conforming to the roof surface as you smooth out on to the surface. Edges should be free of fishmouths and tunnels. 550 Patch-N-Go White, Black or Silver may be coated over the same day, if desired. 550 Patch-N-Go Fleece should be coated over immediately. 550 Patch-N-Go Double-Sided is not meant to be exposed directly to the environment.


Appearance: Gray sealant (Double-Sided) or gray sealant with either a thin aluminum film (White, Black, Silver) or White Fleece
Thickness: 35 mils (+/- 2 mils)
Bonding Time: Immediate, full bond within 24 hours
Peel Adhesion 90º: 16 lbs. ASTM D 1000
Loop Tack Test: 16 lbs. ASTM D 6195
Application Temp: 32ºF to 115ºF
Service Temp: -40ºF to 210ºF


Surfaces must be clean, free of moisture and contaminants. Keep out of reach of children. Read manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet before using. For professional use only.


550 Fleece...................... 4"x 65.5' rolls (8 per box)
550 White....................... 4" x 65.5' rolls (8 per box)
6" x 65.5' rolls (8 per box)
550 Black........................ 4" x 65.5' rolls (8 per box)
6" x 65.5' rolls (8 per box)
550 Silver........................ 4" x 65.5' rolls (8 per box)
550 Double –Sided......... 1" x 33' rolls (20 per box)
550 White........................ 12" x 65.5' rolls (4 per box)
550 Black........................ 12" x 65.5' rolls (4 per box)
550 Double-Sided............ 2" x 33' rolls (12 per box)

If further information is needed, contact Karnak Technical Services at 1-800-526-4236.

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