Glossary Of Terms

Roofing, Waterproofing & Dampproofing

General Terms

BUR : Built-Up-Roofing (Smooth or Gravel surface)

SBS : Modified Bitumen Membrane (Normally Granulated surface)

APP : Torch applied (Can be either Smooth or Granulated Surface)

Roll Roofing : Normally granulated surfacing

C.M.U. : Concrete Masonry Unit (Block)

Surface Preparation Methods

Brooming : Removing large particles and debris by broom.

Scrubbing / Broom : Brooming used in conjunction with water and/or mild detergent to dislodge slightly adhered particles and debris.

Power Scrubbing : Rotary scrubbing device, mechanically driven, used in conjunction with water and mild detergent to dislodge adhered particles and debris.

Power Washing : Equipment used to dislodge slightly adhered particles and debris by means of water pressure between 600 to 2000 psi.

Pre-Weathering : Allows weather to oxidize certain surface contaminants. This method can bedependent on area weather conditions. Contact membrane manufacturer for pre-weathering recommendations.

Priming : Aids in surface preparation. Should not be used as a sole source of surface preparation.

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Kanopy Reflective Roof Maintenance Solutions
  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Lowers Peak Energy Use, reducing energy costs year-round
  • Helps the environment, reduces "Heat Island Effect"
  • Extend the life of the roof
  • Reduces waste. Helps avoid roof tear-off.
  • Economic compared to roof replacement
  • Eliminates interior building operation disruption