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Home Depot

ABC Supply


Allied Building Products Corp.

American Roofing Supply, Inc.

Beacon Roofing Supply Canada

Beacon Sales Company

Best Distributing Company

Brothers Roofing Supply

Chas. E. Phipps Company

Croton Home Center

Dealer's Supply, Inc.

DEL Roofing Equipment and Supplies in Canada

Erie Materials, Inc.

Groupe Bedard

Gulfeagle Supply, Inc.

Heely-Brown Company

J & S Supply Corp.

JB Roofing Wholesale

Kenseal Construction Products of MD, Inc.

Lakeside Quality Building Products


Jim Waters Corporation

Marjam Supply Company

McDonald Metal Roofing Supply


Multi-Phase Specialty Building Materials

Milwaukee Insulation


New Castle Building Products

North Coast Commercial Roofing Systems

Passaic Metal & Building Products

Quality Roofing & Siding Supply

Wholesale Roofing Supply

Riverhead Building Supply

Roofer's Mart

Roofing Products of Michigan, Inc.

Roofing Sales Company

Superior Products

Waldo Brothers

Whitney Building Products, Inc.

Willoughby Supply

Wimsatt Building Materials

Heritage Wholesalers

Brock White

Shelter Distribution

The Roof Center

West End Roofing, Siding & Windows

JGA Beacon

Pacific Supply

Enercon Products

Southern Roof Center

S&J Supply

Quality Roofing Supply

Metro Roofing & Metal Supply

Richards Building Supply

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Kanopy Reflective Roof Maintenance Solutions
  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Lowers Peak Energy Use, reducing energy costs year-round
  • Helps the environment, reduces "Heat Island Effect"
  • Extend the life of the roof
  • Reduces waste. Helps avoid roof tear-off.
  • Economic compared to roof replacement
  • Eliminates interior building operation disruption