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Cold process roof maintenance system


KARNAK COLD PROCESS ROOF MAINTENANCE SYSTEM is the economical way of adding extra protection and new life to asphalt roofs which have deteriorated beyond simple patching maintenance.

Karnak's Cold Process Roof Maintenance System will raise to a U.L. Class A rating any existing built-up roof that presently has a Class A, B or C rating. (Combustible deck incline up to 1/2" - non-combustible deck incline up to 2".)

This system does not involve tearing off the existing layers of the original roof, but rather restores the top surface of the existing roof system.

Karnak's Cold Process Roof Maintenance System covers all faulty asphalt roof surfaces which have become cracked, alligatored or have weather-beaten defects.



STEP 1: Inspect the existing roof to be sure it is firmly adhered to the deck, that it does not contain moisture is excess of 5%, and that it is considered maintainable.

STEP 2: Remove all loose gravel, dirt, dust and foreign matter that may inhibit adhesion of the coating by vacuuming, sweeping, power brooming or power washing.

STEP 3: Repair flashing at parapets, roof penetrations, blisters and delaminations with Karnak #19 or #19 AF Flashing Cement and Karnak #3036 Poly-Mat or #34 Asphalt Saturated Cotton Fabric.

STEP 4: If the existing roof surface has exposed roofing felt, is alligatored or crazed priming is recommended. Prime the surface with Karnak #108 Asphalt Primer at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet. The Primer should be fully cured (dry to the touch) before coating the roof.

APPLICATION KARNAK UL CLASS A MAINTENANCE SYSTEM: STEP 1: The clean, dry, and prepared existing roof shall be coated with Karnak Cold Process Cement at a minimum rate of 3 gallons per 100 square feet.

A polyester reinforcing scrim cloth (Karnak #5540 Resat-Mat) shall be broomed into the wet coating. This embedded polyester scrim supports the coating, assisting it to resist structural movement and stress.

STEP 2: A second 4 gallons minimum per 100 square feet application of Karnak Cold Process Cement shall be applied, encapsulating completely the polyester scrim.

STEP 3: Install dry, clean gravel in the wet coating at the minimum rate of 400 lbs. per 100 square feet.

KARNAK COLD PROCESS CEMENT is a specially formulated fibrated asphalt designed specifically to be compatible with existing asphalt roofing creating a monolithic bond with the existing roof so as to form a new weatherproofing surface; thus extending the life of the original roof.

KARNAK RESAT-MAT is a sheet product of continuous filament polyester fibers that are arranged, highly dispersed, and bonded at the filament junctions. The distinctive characteristics of Karnak Resat-Mat include high tensile strength with high elongation, outstanding tear strength and toughness, high bulk and porosity, non-raveling edges, and excellent dimensional stability.

All applications of Karnak Cold Process roof maintenance system must be performed in accordance with NRCA guidelines and accepted good roofing practices.


  1. Karnak #19 or #19 AF ( Free) Flashing Cement
  2. Karnak #34 Asphalt Saturated Cotton Fabric or Karnak #3036 Poly-Mat
  3. Karnak #108 Asphalt Primer
  1. Karnak #19 or #19 AF ( Free) Flashing Cement
  2. Karnak #34 Asphalt Saturated Cotton Fabric or Karnak #3036 Poly-Mat
  3. Karnak #108 Asphalt Primer

NOTE: It is the property owner's and/or his design professional's responsibility to determine if the structure can support an additional roofing load prior to any installation.

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Kanopy Reflective Roof Maintenance Solutions
  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Lowers Peak Energy Use, reducing energy costs year-round
  • Helps the environment, reduces "Heat Island Effect"
  • Extend the life of the roof
  • Reduces waste. Helps avoid roof tear-off.
  • Economic compared to roof replacement
  • Eliminates interior building operation disruption