Metal Seam Sealing Tape

Karnak Metal Seam Sealing Tape is a butyl adhesive fabric for use on properly prepared metal roof surfaces. Its ease of application, durability and superior adhesion make Karnak Metal Seam Sealing Tape an excellent choice for metal roof applications.


Karnak Metal Seam Sealing Tape is designed for sealing horizontal and vertical seams on properly prepared metal roof surfaces. Its ease of use allows for quicker installations than traditional sealing materials. Coating applications can take place the same day, also speeding system installations.


1. Correct protective mil thickness every time.
2. Solvent-free.
3. Superior adhesive bond that remains flexible.
4. Forms a durable, weather resistant rubber bond.
5. Allows coating applications to start that same day.
6. No drying time required.
7. Save 50% in material and labor costs to seal seams.


All surfaces to be sealed must be clean, dry and free from oil, grease, dirt, dust and other foreign matter.


After surfaces have been properly prepared, apply Karnak Metal Seam Sealing Tape to the roof surface exactly the first time. Trying to remove may damage seam sealing tape and roofing. Do not stretch. Press down firmly starting at the center and working towards the outside edge, removing bubbles. Slight wrinkling should not affect performance of seal. Edges must be free of fishmouths, uplifts and tunnels.

Finish seam by applying 502 Seam Sealer, 505 Seam Sealer or 229AR-Elatomeric over the taped seam. Using a brush or roller, apply seam sealer at a 1/16” thickness to completely cover seam sealing tape and feather out 2”. Allow to cure 24 hours.


1. Appearance: Grayish fabric with gray sealant
2. Low Temp. Flex.: Passes, No Cracking
3. Bonding Time: Immediate, Full bond within 24 hrs.
4. Tensile Strength: 147psi
5. Elongation: 60%
6. Peel Strength: 10 lbs. Per linear inch.
7. Application Temp: 35°F to 110°F
8. Operating Limits: -20°F to 200°F


Surfaces must be clean, free of moisture and contaminants. Do not stretch during application. On exposed areas, must coat with elastomeric coating or equivalent. Do not leave exposed. See manufacturer safety data sheet. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. For industrial, professional use only.


Available in rolls:
  • 4” x 50’ (12 per box)
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